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Flappy Bird MMO

Flappy Bird MMO was created as a mobile application by a Vietnamese developer and was originally designed on the 24th of May in 2013. In this game the player uses a sensor on the screen of mobile phone to control the flight of birds. The most important mission is to pass through the green pipe which is an obstacle for you , without touching, as carefully as possible. Flappy Bird MMo, since its introduction, has been created for the Android platform and MO. In early 2014, the game got recognition and love of the enormous audience all over the world and has become the most popular game of the year. At the end of January, 2014 the game became the most loaded free game into App Store. The gameplay, graphics and stylistic idealcaused a stir among critics because they were afraid of such addiction. During this time, the developer earned $ 50,000 a day from the pop-up advertisements in the annex. On February 10, 2014 Flappy Bird was removed by the developer from App Store and Google Play , such action has caused a large number of clones of this great game. After that, there was a tendency to sell smartphones with set games, to earn much more money. Sometime later, the game appeared on the PC in the free version and people all over the world keep on playing online game Flappy Bird. The most popular flash game of online gaming industry was earlier created on the basis of the chart 2D platform. The developers promise to create a version of this game in 3D format and hope to achieve at least the same result as the previous version. Now let's talk about COMPUTER version of the game. The aim of the game stays the same-you must control the flight of a bird. Control occurs with the left button of your mouse:  each time you click the button  the bird goes up above, if you do not press the button, bird falls. You must keep your balance using the mouse. But the difficulty of the game is yet to come , during the flight you have obstacles on your way-green pipes which you should safely pass. You can also collect points for each successful flight between two pipes. But if you touch an obstacle the game stops which means that your efforts have been wasted. You lose all the points scored and you have to start all over again. Furthermore, you lose if you are unable to keep the bird in skies. In this case it falls by gravity down which in turn it means your defeat. The gameplay does not change throughout the game process but it does not make the game less interesting , as the author of  says: "The game itself is impossibly difficult, yet very attractive and amusing to play". Have  fun with the most popular flash game online for free at our website. Collect experience , train your reaction skills and thinking abilities . Have a good time playing awesome Flappy Bird MMo.

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